Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 4 of the 12 Week Challenge on zero2illo

This is not the total finished product. I then took this into illustrator, finished the edges and added my poem that goes with this. So now you know how I work!
Here you see my watercolor crayons I use. I love them!
Getting ready to add in more detail over the top of everything. Her hair and the tree in the top left are saved for last. More details to come as well as textures and patterns done with acrylics .

Here is the first stage of an illustration I'm doing for Cricket Magazine. I've written a poem about fall that has inspired this piece. I wanted there to be more to the illustration than just "fall is great and I love leaves.. bla bla bla" so Gail Augusta, this girls name, is a sort of a fantasy character that lives in balance with the animals and seasons.
I'll be posting my progress as a go. I'm kind of excited about this! I've never taken pictures as I go along. Most of the time I just post the final.
Love to know any tips you have. Hopefully you can see it okay.
Thanks -Julie

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Andrew Finnie said...

Hya Julie, thought I'd post here rather than ill2zero as I am lost there.

This is looking great! The hair and the leaves and the tree mimicking the hair are just beautifully vigorous.