Monday, January 31, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Me? Valentine

Here is an illustration I did for my daughter's Valentines this year. As many of you know I absolutely LOVE birds. And of course there is our friend Snaid the snail.
My idea is that we will buy dum dum suckers and punch a hole just above Snaid. Then insert the sucker to make it look like he is holding it (some how). On the sucker will be a circle punch with the words, "Happy Valentine's Day" pasted to the front. Or maybe I should make a paper flag coming from the stem of the sucker with the words?! No... then it will look like he is calling the owl a dum dum. I'll go with the first idea. Thoughts?????

Monday, January 24, 2011

IF-Dusty (AKA Bunny Love)

Don't let your hugs get dusty,
Use them everyday!

Noticed I hadn't done any animal illustrations recently. I thought this weeks word went perfectly!

The Blue Truck

Here is an illustration I did for Guardian Angel Kids. There is a story that accompanies it and you can see them both in the February issue. If you have never visited them. They are a children's e-magazine. Very cute! Now on to illustrate the IF word-o-the-week!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

apparently I'm stylish... or at least my blog is!

So Susanne gave me a stylish blog award. Why thank you Susanne!
Part of how this works is I tell you 7 things about myself then I present the stylish award to 15 other fabulous bloggers. So.....
#1 I believe matching socks with your outfit is optional.
#2 I love love love reading!!!!! Historical Christian Fiction Chic Lit is my fav.
#3 Most of the jewelry on my characters I own and some of it is from my awesome friend Amy. She sells it here!
#4 My first major of choice was Fashion Design. Oooo la la!
#5 I love doing food challenges. I was a vegetarian for a year, and a raw foodist and gluten free girl for a week.
#6 My favorite food is Ethiopian cuisine.
and #7 I try to put a snail in as many illustrations as I can.

Now the 15 lucky bloggers are...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


This is actually my thought from a few words back.."Winter" but I finally got around to finishing it so now it's for "Resolution". 
Click on the image to see it and the caption larger!