Wednesday, March 26, 2008

IF- Pet Peeves

This is my pet, Peeves (actually it's Peanut). Peeves the bunny is a very loud muncher. I can't stand it when you can hear people, or pets, eating their food. I get totally grossed out. I hope I'm not a loud eater. Cause... would you know if you were? (Side note: I really don't have a pet bunny)

Chew on this!

This is a series of illustrations to start my new blog "Cupcake Whimsy". I love drawing food, and I figure that there are other people out there that do too. Once I get it all set up anyone who would like to submit a food illustration, and brief description, can email me a submission and I'll put it on the blog. More information about that later. These illustrations have not been tinkered with yet. They are done in watercolor. I think I will play with them a little in photoshop, and show you the finished product later. Till then... Bon Appetite!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Being a mother is heavy business. Bringing a child into the world changes your life, and causes you to rethink your priorities. In a flash, it's not about you anymore. Truthfully, it never was.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


This weeks word for illustration friday is "Leap." This is part of an illustration I'm doing for a book I wrote. The girls name is Yoon. You might be seeing more of her so... I might as well introduce you. Yoon, these are my blog friends. Blog friends, this is Yoon. Sorry she is not very talkative. But don't we all need more friends that can just listen?