Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 4 of the 12 Week Challenge on zero2illo

This is not the total finished product. I then took this into illustrator, finished the edges and added my poem that goes with this. So now you know how I work!
Here you see my watercolor crayons I use. I love them!
Getting ready to add in more detail over the top of everything. Her hair and the tree in the top left are saved for last. More details to come as well as textures and patterns done with acrylics .

Here is the first stage of an illustration I'm doing for Cricket Magazine. I've written a poem about fall that has inspired this piece. I wanted there to be more to the illustration than just "fall is great and I love leaves.. bla bla bla" so Gail Augusta, this girls name, is a sort of a fantasy character that lives in balance with the animals and seasons.
I'll be posting my progress as a go. I'm kind of excited about this! I've never taken pictures as I go along. Most of the time I just post the final.
Love to know any tips you have. Hopefully you can see it okay.
Thanks -Julie

Friday, April 23, 2010

Try this on for size...

So... me and a friend have decided to start an online Picture Book writers critique group. Here is the blurb(Please read in a cheerful voice without a snobbish thought in sight!):
Looking for some non- beginner picture book writers to join an online critique group. If interested please send a sample of your work to be reviewed by the group. Must have had work(s) published by a paying children's publication (magazine, books, etc.) and have the intention of sending more work out at least semiannually. This group is limited to 5 authors who are serious about a career in the children's writing arena. This group only critiques picture books, short stories (for highlights magazine or cricket etc.), and children's poetry (for same publications).
Members whose work is to be critiqued must submit poem, story, etc. to the group at least one week prior to monthly online meeting so that the critiques will be well thought out. Monthly meetings will be held on the 1st Friday of every month at 7pm on a yahoo group forum in real time. If you have any questions please contact Julie Hammond Thank you! -Julie
So I'd love to hear if anyone is interested!
The group is called 32 Reasons because once you submit your 32 page PB the publisher has 32 reasons to take you out of the slush pile.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free activity page just for my readers! (and their kids!)

I was looking through other people's blogs and I noticed that some gave things away. I thought to myself, "You could give something away and be a nice blogger!" So... Here is an activity page for you to print. It is a writing and thinking prompt.
I'd love to know how it goes. I'm especially interested in the names your kids come up with for the characters. So please write in and tell me!
From time to time I think I'll have more give away prints. I'd love it if I could eventually have a set date I do it. But I'm going to take it slow and not commit at this point.
Anyways, have fun!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

He is good all the time...

I might possibly have the opportunity to illustrate a children's book about Easter. I'm very eager to hear more about the details. Christ is the Lord of my life and I've often prayed for an opportunity to use my gift for Him. But in my prayer, and growing knowledge of His truth, I have found that that doesn't mean that it has to be a Bible themed illustration for it it to be for God. As a Christian I am to do everything as if doing it for the Lord. ...To the best of my ability. So really no matter if I do end up illustrating this book or not, it's ALL been for Him! God is good everyday. Everyday God is good.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

IF- Linked (aka Mad Boy)

So... this boy is going nuts. He has lost control of reality. His little brother thinks perhaps a bottle would help considering he is acting like a baby. Not sure what his mad rant is linked to. What do you think?

Guardian Angel Kids and me!

If you are a parent or a children's illustrator/writer and haven't stopped over at Guardian Angel Kids e-zine you should. It's a free magazine for kids!
I recently found them and submitted my work for consideration. I was then asked to do an illustration for a story about a "green" bus. You can check out the story and see my illustration with it by clicking here! Pretty neat stuff!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bunnies Fall in- in color!

So... I finally got a Wacom Tablet!!!Yahooooooo! I'm SO jazzed! Here is my first illustration with it. It was a pen and ink drawing- scanned in- then colored with Corell Sketch Pad.
Well... what do you think? Any tips are welcome!!