Thursday, May 22, 2008


Far and wide across the land,
Kids go play in dirt and sand,
Get out of the house,
Turn off that TV,
Go make a tree fort,
Perhaps a tepee.
You were made to run be free,
Skip and hop, giggle with glee.
Play hopscotch with chalk of blue,
Jump rope, climb trees, underdogs too.
Electronics are cool, and of course have a place.
But no mud's on your shoe from a virtual race.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This weeks word is electricity. Who has an illustration about that? So I thought about things I like to draw and voila I came up with a record player. Actually, the first thing I came up with was a radio but I wasn't looking for the 1980's boom box look, so slowly it evolved into a record player.
Okay so..... Katlyn can't wait to listen to her favorite song , Strawberry Fields, at her friend Rubie's house. They are going to have the best time. Maybe Rubie's mom will help them bake a delicious treat. Katlyn decides she'd better run to Rubie's house.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

IF- Seeds

I thought about doing a seed packet for this weeks word, Seeds, but it seemed so obvious. Then I remembered my daughter, and how much she loves blowing dandelion puffs, as all children do. No wonder we have so many dandelions! The first illustration is the essentials, and the second has all the glitz. What do you think of them?