Friday, April 23, 2010

Try this on for size...

So... me and a friend have decided to start an online Picture Book writers critique group. Here is the blurb(Please read in a cheerful voice without a snobbish thought in sight!):
Looking for some non- beginner picture book writers to join an online critique group. If interested please send a sample of your work to be reviewed by the group. Must have had work(s) published by a paying children's publication (magazine, books, etc.) and have the intention of sending more work out at least semiannually. This group is limited to 5 authors who are serious about a career in the children's writing arena. This group only critiques picture books, short stories (for highlights magazine or cricket etc.), and children's poetry (for same publications).
Members whose work is to be critiqued must submit poem, story, etc. to the group at least one week prior to monthly online meeting so that the critiques will be well thought out. Monthly meetings will be held on the 1st Friday of every month at 7pm on a yahoo group forum in real time. If you have any questions please contact Julie Hammond Thank you! -Julie
So I'd love to hear if anyone is interested!
The group is called 32 Reasons because once you submit your 32 page PB the publisher has 32 reasons to take you out of the slush pile.


Susan said...

Hi Julie - Susan here from the 12WC!
It's been such a whirlwind trying to keep up with information overload, but it's been fun. I just found your blog and am your new follower! Here's my link if you're interested:

I love this illo for your new critique group, the children are adorable, and I love the boston terrier (I'm quite the dog person) All your work is so joyful!

Well, I'm very interested in becoming a writer/illustrator in the future, I have lots of ideas and am currently working on a pb about our rescue beagle turned therapy dog - but my main focus right now is on illustrating. I haven't had anything published yet, so I don't qualify for your group, but I'm sure you'll get members in no time. Good luck and have fun -

Cheers! Susan

Susan said...

Hey, I clicked the 'follow' button and I saw I'm already following you - wow, it's so hard to keep track!

Julie Hammond said...

I see you everywhere! I have visited your blog and seen your works all over. You are great! I love your blog header especially. Once you write your first draft of your PB I'd LOVE to take a look and we could critique eachothers work. I'd also love having a fellow illustrator to have critique my illustrations, if you are interested. Let me know. -Julie

CookinHarpGirl said...

Hi Mrs. Hammond! Love your blog! Here is mine: :) Hope to see you Sunday!