Monday, July 27, 2009

Girl and Toad Unite!

This watercolor was inspired by my daughter. Yesterday she found a a baby toad in the back yard. She named him the ever-popular name, as far as toads go, Toady. She gave it plenty of attention, gathering grass for soft bedding, water for amusement and bathing, and even a shell from a local river for variety of scenery. She even tried to teach it to swim by dunking it in a cup of water. In the end she knew that there would come a time when she must bid her dear Toady farewell. That time came after dinner, per the strong enforcement of her parental units. She still thinks of her cold blooded chum, as I'm sure he thinks of her, and wonders if she will ever see him again. Only God knows if they shall ever cross paths again. But one thing is certain. We will all come across new friends that we will learn to love, warts and all.

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