Friday, January 4, 2013

Gettin' Fresh!

It happens every year at this time. I take down the Christmas decorations and suddenly my humble abode seems huge and expansive. I love the feeling of open space, of freshly painted white walls, new fallen snow, and blank canvases. The possibilities seem endless at these times and so it only seems natural to reassess my illustration goals as well. To fine tune them and weed out the unnecessary blocks in the way. What once seemed like a great opportunity now seems like something to fill in a slot in my calendar or a box to check on a to-do list.

So here it is "Gettin' Fresh" list in 2013 (please hold me to it!)
1. Take more jobs that get exposure to the masses. Better to work more on my portfolio than to work for less than I'm worth. This does not nessesarily mean money but I wouldn't turn it down.
      I know illustrating, for the most part, is not a lucrative biz. There is a reason we are called "starving artists." I'm just stating that I have set my sites on the next step up on the illustration success path and I don't want to go down a ladder rung just so I'm busy.

Extra Extra!
2. Send out those postcards, submit to agents and publishers and GET SEEN!
      I have this thing I do... I make a postcard/portfolio/tear sheet and by the time it is at point where it looks like what I had envisioned in the first place I hate the art on said materials. I then start work on a better idea and don't send anything out because the cycle keeps repeating.

3. Fine tune my digital art. 
    I will watch more tutorials to see how other artists get the look I want in my work. (If you have any good ones please post them for me!!)
    I will ask for more critiques rather than live in my head so much. 

So there you have it I'm gettin' fresh with my art. Starting right now. No excuses! This year I will work for these goals even if it means a lot of down time in my calendar.

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Anonymous said...

Praying for you to get your to do list completed!!!!!!!!!!