Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saint Patrick's Trinity Shamrock!

Did you know that Saint Patrick had a super amazing life? He actually was born in Britain but was captured by raiders and sent to Ireland. He became a slave of sorts and spent most of his time shepherding. As a shepherd, he spent many days nights alone in the fields. He began to think about things much bigger than himself, he thought about God, and prayed all the time. In a dream one night he thought he heard God telling him to escape. So he did! It took a very long time for him to get back to his family but he made it. With his passion for Christ he decided he wanted to become a priest. Sometime after he had become a bishop he felt a calling to go back to Ireland and preach to them about Christ's saving grace. When he got there he had a hard time explaining the trinity. It is said that he looked down and saw the shamrock, or clover, with it's three petals and used this as a model to teach his faith. The clover has three petals representing God the Father, Jesus , and the Holy Spirit yet they are together and all one. So on March 17th we celebrate Saint Patrick on the date of his death in 460 A.D.
Anyways, I made an illustration of his trinity shamrock. Feel free to print out. Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!

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